Me: *looks at pictures of anime on tumblr in class*


My ugly flower crown turns stupid cute when placed on a pup

Doctor Doom in New Avengers #024 (2014)

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They’re not even using the fucking ouija board right everyone has to place a finger on the planchette this movie is so inaccurate smh

*fills out personality quizzes instead of doing homework*

about the blogger ;


name: sean
birthday: feb 15
zodiac: aquarius
single or taken: taken
height: 5’6
eye color: green
favorite color: green
lucky number: 15


hogwarts house: idk
favorite fictional character: groot
favorite television show: arrested development
favorite season: summer
future children’s names: groot
meaning of your name: gaelic form of john
what do you plan to/do for a living: idk
starbucks order: iced green tea lemonade sweetened with half ice


introvert or extrovert kinda both actually
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or herbal tea
rain or shine
reading or writing

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next time you unfollow someone for having a bad day and venting on their blog remember to be perfect for the rest of your life

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Burger king cashier: can I take your order

Me: Uhm can i just say. Acoustic versions of pop punk songs = Life .

Me later that night into the intercom phone at walmart: Acoustic is life


a cool and tough introduction survey:

  • name: sean
  • your catchphrase: yea baby
  • fav emoji/emoticon: B^)
  • favorite color scheme: red n black
  • favorite type of monster-person: me
  • something real cool that you can do: play the saxophone
  • a song you want to share with your followers: Fergalicious by Fergie
  • top 3 characters of all time: Groot, Groot, Groot
  • what pets do you have: one dog
  • your hogwarts house: idk actually
  • favorite pokemon: charizard

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マブカプ2 by にぎりずし [pixiv]

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sweet jesus its an anti-gf feeld


- Chun Li, X-Men vs Street Fighter (Capcom)

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game & watch is fun (feat. katbas)